Why I decided not to do what they said


I was so unhappy and unsatisfied with my life, and it was so obvious, a couple of friends took me aside one day and said, look, we think you are depressed. And this was their advice: Don’t quit your job, don’t get divorced and don’t move out of the country.

Go to your doctor, and get some help. And what do you think she said? Try these meds for 6 weeks and see how it goes. Wow, that’s better, and it’s legal! On my follow-up appointment, I was told I’d be on these serotonin inhibitors for at least 6 months if not longer.

But I really didn’t believe in taking prescription drugs that altered my brain, because I was sure I could do it naturally, with yoga.

Backing up a little… when I was young I wanted to be an artist, actress and writer, and my mother thought I should be a dental technician. She didn’t doubt my talent, she just thought it was more practical. But I wasn’t going to be shifted, I went to university and took English and Theatre, with Anthropology mixed in for good measure.

Inside though, what I really believed, was that my true gifts and talents were not valuable or appreciated in the world.

Summer jobs were slim pickings, and I ended up running a small student business cleaning windows and doing lawn work which made me pretty good money. I liked the work, it was satisfying to see the gleaming windows and perfectly trimmed lawns. But I have always been someone who thinks big, and I like to help people. (And I also wanted to show everyone just how amazing I really was.)

Not to mention, what if this could make me a whack of money too? So I worked really hard, I became a great window cleaner and I pioneered organic lawn maintenance in my neighborhood. As the business expanded I learned tons about customer satisfaction, systems and organization. Strangely though, the bigger my business got, the unhappier I was.

People thought I was successful, and I liked it- but really I was miserable.

I’ll never forget the shift. I was at a family reunion, and I was making a good impression with everyone. I was talking a good game and lapping up the favourable attention. Then I happened to glance up at my brother. He had on his ‘deer in the headlights’ look, and I got the sudden feeling that he was unhappy and that he was struggling to figure out just what he was doing with his life.

That’s when I realized I was a complete fraud. I knew I wasn’t doing what made me happy and that I was doing it to impress other people. It was a long slippery slope from there to the bottom. It got so that I’d get my crews going in the morning, and more often than not sleep on the sofa afterwards. I wanted to quit, but my life partner was in university, and his exact words were always “don’t sell the family farm”.

I was unhappy in my job, my life partner didn’t support me, and I felt completely stuck.

And the advice of the experts was, here, take these meds, and don’t quit your job, don’t leave your husband, and don’t leave the country. Well, I don’t know about you, but I think my brain was trying to tell me something! It was saying “hey! wake up! You’re not happy, better do something ’cause I’m getting sick!” And what my heart was yearning for was to learn how to relieve my suffering and be free.

I had been taking yoga for years, I even practiced daily, but I wanted more. The universe offered this in the form of a teacher of martial arts, yoga, dance and energy healing. I sold the business, left my husband, and moved to Saltspring Island B.C, to learn from him- basically, I did exactly what they told me not to do.

Taking a leap of faith I chose a life path searching for joy.

I can’t say it’s been easy, I can’t even say it’s been all joyful. But I must say, I am really glad I’m not still running that cleaning business and married to that guy. Really, really, glad that I have undertaken the journey towards what makes me truly joyous without compromise.

I found this system that works better than any other kind ever did. Yoga has always given me a means to stay tuned into myself, but I had been doing yoga for over 10 years and still ended up deeply unhappy. There are many different types of yoga, and through the years I tried most of them. It was all part of my journey, but when I discovered ‘Yoga from the Inside’ it took me farther than anything else, and I really began to make progress.

And now you can learn this too, because I’ll show you how. This yoga is centered around your breath. There is no other form of yoga that goes quite as deeply into this step, and it is the key. Some call it vini-yoga, and it translates into ‘yoga for each individual’ . Since the focus on the breath is central, it doesn’t matter if you are flexible or not, have injuries or illness, or, on the other hand, are at the peak of fitness.

For every person there is a possibility for a completely unique yoga which suits you perfectly!

Because we are each different, and yoga should be enjoyable. There should be no strain or stress, and it should be safe to do. The results are immediate, yet the journey never stops. You will learn how to do yoga practice on your own, and move forward at your own pace. And from this develop a connection to the Joy Core: strength in your physical body, and faith in your spirit body.

Please contact me to book a personal Joy Core Exploration- there is no obligation, and it’s free of charge.

I only have 6 spots per month in my schedule available for these sessions, so book now so you can get started right away: tapping into the limitless potential you have to be living the way you truly desire. Right now.

All my love, Frances

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