How we used our creativity to heal

A long time ago there was 13441793_10154162509775126_2119132264_oa people who lived on the land in joy

When they opened their eyes in the morning and looked on their loved ones they felt joy. Emerging from their homes in the morning they saw the rosy shadows of dawn and were glad. Most times, the land offered a feast and they were well and happy. Once in a while, there was starvation, and then many passed on to the great spirit, but enough always survived, and the ancestors looked down on them  from the winter skies in great streaks of coloured light. Then the people felt loved and safe.

But one day another kind of people found their land. These people came across the ocean, and when they saw the sky meet the land from far away, they were not feeling the great mystery and beauty of life, but seeing a land to conquer, harvest, and make use of. They were adept at mining ore and oil to build great machines that helped them create more miraculous machines. They mowed down forest and prairies to feed armies of workers that built more machines and planted more corn. Soon there was barely any room left for the people who had lived there first.

These people were a great mystery to the new comers. They seemed to be very lazy and ignorant, and did not build houses or sit in chairs. They had very little, and seemed happy anyway. These people must be taught the proper way to live, especially since they take up too much space, and we need more room  so we can mine and create power to make our machines. But the old people did not get the hang of the new way, and the new comers didn’t mind, because they were very powerful with all their machines and couldn’t be stopped anyway.

It was a very dark time for the people who used to live on the land. Many died, and there were always new comers who would prey on them and bring harm to them, and the other new comers turned a blind eye, because they didn’t want the trouble of dealing with this people who had become weak and sick because their way of life was destroyed. And also, they were so busy with all their business and machines, they had forgotten how to see beauty, and without beauty, the ugly suffering was less visible. The sad truth was, they were suffering terribly too, because they had forgotten the habit of looking with joy on their world.

But the old people did not give up, and they did not die out. They kept doing things like the Ghost Dance, a ritual to bring healing to our land. Suffering terribly from disease and addiction and hopelessness, they still managed to be a thorn in the side of the machine ones. And the years of suffering took their toll on the people of the machines too, as more and more people got sick from the lack of beauty and joy. They looked to the people of the land who were still standing and fighting for all they had lost, and they joined voices with them. The machine people were made to say they were sorry, and people from both sides made great efforts to bring beauty and joy back, but without avail.

Until one day a handsome and intelligent man rose up to power among the machine people, and he vowed to right the wrong done to the people of the land, and use all the creativity and resources of the machine people to bring it to pass. He listened to the voices of the people who wanted beauty and joy, and they told him of all the ways they had discovered to live with less oil and machines. Harvesting heat from sun and wind, and even the earth, to keep warm, grow food, and make all the necessary things for a happy and safe life. These new kind of homes were called Earth Ships. Together, both people worked to build homes and community gathering places, and  gardens and wild life preserves, as well as light industry. Then they connected these places with the most beautiful trains that spanned the countryside so no one was isolated and everyone could visit these beautiful places to learn about truth and joy.

Soon everyone wanted to live like this- growing their own food, making the things they liked to make and trading them with friends and relatives. Absolutely everyone wanted to stop paying bills for oil and food and to start waking up each day and drinking in the beauty of their children and the light filtering in through the trees. So step by step they began the transformation. Changing their homes to use sun wind and geothermal heating and power, and whenever new ones were built they used the best methods for gridless regenerative communities.

And that’s how the first earth ships were built, and how the people living on the land joined the machine people to create a culture that keeps our eyes open to what is really beautiful. (This is my best ending, anything to add?)

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