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Are you looking for the way to avoid the triple threat of heart disease, diabetes and dementia so you can stay healthy and energized in the coming years?

Are you looking for the way to stay healthy and strong so you can enjoy your favorite activities in the coming years while alleviating your pain points today? Here’s where you’ll get customized guidance to joyful well-being, building both your physical and emotional resilience, all on your busy schedule.

Reconnect with Your Body and Roll Back the Years

It’s not too late to start dealing with persistent aches and stress in your life, build strength and mobility and shed weight.  At Joy Core Connections, we specialize in helping individuals like you address specific pain points, such as injury, arthritis, anxiety, and life transitions. Experience the joy of connecting with your body, calming your mind, and discovering newfound strength. Our expert instructor, Francie Adamson, provides personalized guidance to ensure your well-being journey is a success.

Embrace Happiness and Build Resilience

Imagine a life where happiness flows effortlessly, and you feel more resilient than ever. Joy Core Connection offers a supportive community where you can embrace health and happiness and unlock your true potential. Our holistic approach goes beyond physical exercise to include stress-relief techniques, emotional wellness, and connection with like-minded individuals. Join us and experience the pleasure of not only building physical strength but also nurturing your emotional well-being. Our programs are designed to help you discover your identity, values, and a newfound sense of joy.

Your Path to a Balanced Life Starts Here

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards joyful well-being? Joy Core Connections invites you to explore our world of holistic health and happiness from the comfort of your home, ONLINE, or in our studio/gallery in Courtice ON. Join our community of individuals who have transformed their lives, just like Brandy, Chris, and Deb did. Whether you seek relief from overwhelm, pain or a boost in happiness, we’re here for you every step of the way. It’s time to take control of your well-being and balance your life.

Here's what clients say about the total results achieved for body and mind in the Joy Core Program

Brandy- My life was overly stressful

I started coaching with Francie after my life became overly stressful and seemed too much to handle. I looked into group classes but nothing fit my schedule. I really wanted to benefit from taking a class, so I figured the next best thing was to go for private coaching with Frances. The time spent with Frances in one hour is more valuable than 12 group yoga classes put together. It’s the beginning of a personal journey, and why not have a personalized experience?


After my second session I knew I would continue with the Joy Core Yoga program. I could never reach my personal goals in yoga without her continued guidance and support. My 20 minute daily practice has allowed me to clear my head, and prepare me for the day ahead and whatever it may bring.


Brandy Stratton

Chris- found physical and emotional strength

It’s an absolute highlight of my week to come to my Yoga Program with Francie, and if you were to ask me what the value or the benefit is for me in one word it would be strength. It’s the obvious kind of physical strength that you get, the idea of well-being physically, but for me there is an emotional part to that too, a resilience that I get. The notion that it’s ok to let go, be. And discover who you are, and your values, and your identity.


There’s also a connection to Frances’ values and interests She’s a wealth of knowledge on matters that are relevant and of interest to me, like health and well-being. and I like the recommendations that she gives.


Chris Evans

Deb- everything in my life changed in just three months

After years of being a caregiver mother nurse wife, I’m learning to take care of me. With Frances’ coaching and Joy Core Program With Francie’s  help,  expertise and constant guidance  I have turned a new Leaf. I’m able to  prioritize plan and implement a lifestyle that is peaceful and fulfilling. 


Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been easy and there’s a lot of work. I’ve been able to do this with Francie, she has given me the tools and encouragement to become a stronger person. Thank you, Francie.



Deb Karpowicz

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