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Now's the time to build your body's flexibility, functional mobility, strength, and find lasting peace of mind.

Meet the Teacher

Hi, I'm Frances

artist, mother, and yoga teacher

Learn how to create the conditions for a healthy body, to recover from illness and accidents, and to get back to the way you felt when you were younger and had all that energy and vitality.  


Throughout life you’ve experienced the usual types of trauma, from illness, accidents, and sports injury to emotional and mental life events that affect your self-awareness and even self-esteem.


These are the ‘two by fours of life’- the knocks you get to the body and heart that make you who you are.


All of our experiences, good and bad, stays with us not just in memory but in the body and mind. That’s why over time injury, illness, and physical or mental/emotional pain stick to us and can be so hard to release. Any trauma can and will be held in the body, in the very cells of our muscles and bones. and letting it go and healing is a holistic process that is aided by working with the breath.


It’s taken me many years and lots of study with teachers from different disciplines to understand that the breath is a powerful tool in getting back a feeling of lightness physically and mentally.


In a Joy Core yoga class you’ll learn how to make that journey much more quickly than I did using the breath and body to tune into your heart so you can heal and thrive. Together we’ll work out a practice that includes movement, breathing techniques and meditation, based on your goals and needs.


To get started book a one-on-one consult and find out how you can create a healthier, fitter body and a joyful mind today. Choose the day and time that works best for you by clicking the link below now.


Breathing mindfully is at the heart of yoga, and available to anyone who wants to learn how to do it.


Finding blocks and releasing them can become as effortless as pausing in life for a few minutes to observe and shift your breath.


That’s why I created Joy Core Connection and my yoga programs. To share the knowledge I’ve gained over the years, and guide you to find the best ways to reach your goals for living with ease in body and mind.


When I’m not having fun helping students open their body and mind, I’m a wife and mother; cooking, gardening, and making art.

Frances Adamson is practicing Yoga.


Frances is conducting Yoga Zoom Class


People gives 5 start to Joy Core Connection


My Credentials

My work is my vocation. I earned two yoga teaching certificates as well as special qualifications for teaching those with arthritis, seniors and children. 


I‘ve studied with the ‘stars’ of yoga, exploring many different styles, before finding my current teacher, Rosemary Antze. It is only with her kind and compassionate guidance that I found my way, so much of what I tried before was ineffective.

Art and Yoga

Being an artist and intuitive has helped me ‘see’ people, inside and out. At the same time creativity and humour makes our learning fun.

Everyone has unique gifts and limitations: learning and practicing yoga, art and/or intuitive modalities can and should be done with ease, whether you’re flexible, experienced, or or not.

Working together, we will find a way to gently get your body moving,   your breath flowing, and the peace of meditation. Finding blocks, releasing them, and breathing mindfully are at the heart of this practice, and available to anyone who wants to learn it.

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When I’m not having fun helping students open their bodies and minds, I’m taking care of hearth and home as a mother and wife, cooking and gardening. I also love and making art, enjoy long walks with my dog, good books and movies. I’ve also passionately explore holistic health, and brings a wealth of knowledge to help you navigate the many alternatives available for health and wellness.


If you want to experience the power of healing from your heart and connecting to your joy core, you can apply to have a personal exploration session available on a first-come basis.


Learn the tools to relieve the stress that causes you both physical and mental pain, and to nurture a stable and flexible Joy Core, 

at the heart of your creativity. 


Yours, Frances

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