Chris Evans

It’s an absolute highlight of my week to come to my Yoga Program with Francie, and if you were to ask me what the value or the benefit is for me in one word it would be strength. It’s the obvious kind of physical strength that you get, the idea of well-being physically, but for me there is an emotional part to that too, a resilience that I get. The notion that it’s ok to let go, be. And discover who you are, and your values, and your identity.


There’s also a connection to Frances’ values and interests She’s a wealth of knowledge on matters that are relevant and of interest to me, like health and well-being. and I like the recommendations that she gives.

Deb Karpowitz

After years of being a caregiver mother nurse wife, I’m learning to take care of me. With Frances’ coaching and Joy Core Program With Francie’s  help,  expertise and constant guidance  I have turned a new Leaf. I’m able to  prioritize plan and implement a lifestyle that is peaceful and fulfilling. 


Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been easy and there’s a lot of work. I’ve been able to do this with Francie, she has given me the tools and encouragement to become a stronger person. Thank you, Francie.


Christine Elste

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