Chair Yoga: Proven to Strengthen and Mobilize Your Spine

Chair yoga is one easy way to adapt yoga when you have physical limitations such as a lack of balance and mobility in your body. Recently one student, Krista, had a minor operation on her foot and she gamely attended her class and did the yoga seated, using a footrest to elevate her feet when […]

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How to Do Yoga: Begin With Stability and Ease

There’s very little in the ancient texts that describes Yoga Asana, the physical poses we do to strengthen the spine and stay mobile, although one directive has come down through the ages to inform our practice. It’s central to progressing safely whatever fitness level or whether you’re just beginning or more experienced. Sthira Sukham Asanam- […]

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Woman doing Full Body Yoga Stretch

Benefits of Full Body Yoga Stretch

Yesterday my son walked into the room with confidence. And announced that he was his brain! I explained to him that in fact, he was his brain and his body, and together they form the mind. All kinds of bodily processes or full-body stretch take place without our conscious control or awareness, and when they are […]

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The woman is practicing Yoga and Chiropractic care.

What a Perfect Pair: Yoga and Chiropractic Care!

Chiropractic care and yoga have become more and more popular over the last several years. Yoga Practice combined with the care of a competent chiropractor can help promote optimal health and well-being. When done the right way, yoga can reduce blood sugar levels and stress, increase endurance, balance, and flexibility, and strengthen your muscles and […]

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Frances doing yoga at Tooley's Mill Park

Yoga in the Park on Tooley’s Mill Park!

Yoga in Tooley’s Mill Park! Joy Core Connection is delighted to announce the most popular outdoor weekly event. Yoga on Tooley’s Mill Park in Courtice kicks off on the 17th of July 2020.  You feel stress and tension, and you want to stay flexible and work on core strength. This is for beginners to more […]

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Your Gifts Done Today

What do you get someone who has everything? Yoga and Flowers Save $35 We have teamed up with the Wallflower Boutique to offer you this Holiday Special: A floral table arrangement and a $50 Yoga Therapy Gift Certificate, A $100 value for just $65. Pick up in Oshawa or delivery add $8. Your yoga gift […]

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Yoga Detox With Essential Oils

Your body is meant to cleanse itself of toxins, and the very best way to support that is with Yoga: we added Essential oils and mineral salts as an added bonus! In this workshop, we will learn simple movement with breath to help the body deeply relax. Taking time out regularly allows our bodies to […]

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Surprise! $50 Gift Cards Half Price

We’re Celebrating A Brand New Year! We are so happy to be launching a whole new Drop-In program at Joy Core for the New Year. Now you can choose from 5, 1-hour classes every week, and conveniently book and pay on-line, including from your phone. Click on the image below to buy now. Until New Years’ […]

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Fall Schedule and Offers

Group Classes Wednesdays 6 pm and 7:30 pm Thursdays 10 am and 1 pm Receive a $25 discount when you comment on on this new web-site Bring a friend new to our studio and receive $25 each as a thank you Is it time to take a break and do something for yourself? Enjoy one […]

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