more than five senses, learn about balance, pain receptors and body awareness

Exciting New Senses You Didn’t Know About

Here are five more senses for you to consider that most animals have, including humans, and it’s worth exploring what they are and considering the impact they have on our world. 1. Proprioception: allows us to perceive the position and movement of our body. Oliver Sacks, a Neuroscientist and writer tells a story about a […]

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A Yoga Way of Life

This Week’s Top of Mind: Contemplating Aimlessness

As I settled into a staycation last week with the idea of being aimless, I observed that everything started with Easter week-end and it was busy. Loose ends to tie up in business, my famous coffee cake to provide one day, and the whole shebang dinner to produce on the next. Monday came and I […]

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Unlock Your Daily Yoga Mastery And Rewind The Clock

Are you ready to rewrite your story of health and vitality? I’ve been reflecting on the incredible journey of certain students mastered a daily yoga routine and experienced incredible transformations—physically, mentally, and spiritually. These stories are a testament to the life-altering potential adopting a yoga lifestyle. Brandy, a professional in her 30’s with a calm […]

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Empower Your Fitness Journey: Start A New Habit Today

I’m looking up at the hill as I put one foot in front of the other, my legs feel like lead weights and there’s sweat dripping into my eyes. This was years ago on Salt Spring Island, when I was training with a group who practiced martial artists, dance, yoga and working out. It was […]

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Chair Yoga: Proven to Strengthen and Mobilize Your Spine

Chair yoga is one easy way to adapt yoga when you have physical limitations such as a lack of balance and mobility in your body. Recently one student, Krista, had a minor operation on her foot and she gamely attended her class and did the yoga seated, using a footrest to elevate her feet when […]

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How to Do Yoga: Begin With Stability and Ease

There’s very little in the ancient texts that describes Yoga Asana, the physical poses we do to strengthen the spine and stay mobile, although one directive has come down through the ages to inform our practice. It’s central to progressing safely whatever fitness level or whether you’re just beginning or more experienced. Sthira Sukham Asanam- […]

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Happy Grateful and Alive with joy

Rising Above Fear: Part of the Gratitude Path

Riding the waves of anger, sadness and pain are part of the journey Gratitude practices are among the most powerful tools for healing, yet it’s important to allow your emotions full expression and not suppress them in times of difficulty. A young friend on Facebook, let’s call her Anastasia, recently revealed that she has been […]

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Finding Gratitude in Life Challenges

Gratitude for when bad things happen Three years ago I got sick with something unknown that had me throwing up non-stop for 2 days, in pain for weeks, and suffering from a nervous collapse. I was scared and dumbfounded by the betrayal of my usually healthy and strong body. I wasn’t sleeping from the trauma […]

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A Grateful Heart, A Healthy Mind: The Power Of Giving

Did you know there’s a new and improved way to practice gratitude that can transform your life? Neuroscience has shown that telling stories about people who gratefully receive from you or others has a profound impact on your nervous system, even more than being grateful for yourself. Take my mother-in-law as an example. Despite her […]

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Yoga’s Step-by-Step Path To Better Calm And Harmony

Yoga, a practice with roots dating back thousands of years, is often described as a “step-by-step” journey. This ancient philosophy, with its deep wisdom and time-tested techniques, offers valuable insights for navigating the complexities of life. One of the most difficult times I experienced was the disintegration of my marriage, a period marked by grief […]

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