The Seven Laws of Superheroes

by:  Deepak Chopra, with Gotham Chopra This is a fascinating read which explores modern superheroes and their relationship to myth, gods, and the human search for truth and right action. In ‘The Seven Laws of Superheroes’ this father and son team make some really interesting connections and answer this question- In the age of science, […]

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Book Review of Everyday Tarot by Frances

Book Review- Everyday Tarot

‘Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Manifest Your Future!’ By Brigit Esselmont I was frustrated as I thumbed through my old Tarot Card Book- after a lifetime reading the cards, I found some of the interpretations difficult to make sense of. The Biddy online tarot interpretations appealed to me, but nothing beats a plain old book […]

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The Books of Earthsea: The Complete Illustrated Edition

Curling up in a cozy chair with great fantasy on a cold rainy day feels like heaven. I bought The Books of Earthsea: The Complete Illustrated Edition as a special treat for myself because the stories of the wizard Ged working magic by knowing the names of things and sailing his world in search of […]

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The Secret Life of Water

“The water flowing within us is part of the water flowing through nature and part of the rhythm of life being played out throughout the universe” Book Review: The Secret Life of Water by Masuru Emoto I love it. If you believe, as modern physicists tell us, that matter and energy are the same stuff […]

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The Invitation: Surviving and Thriving

Book Review: The Invitation by Oriah This book is built around a poem. Oriah calls it a declaration, a manifesto, and it was written at a time of personal tragedy when everything she believed was tested. When your life goes up in flames, do you arise like a Phoenix from the ashes? Oriah’s survival and […]

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Happiness by Design

Change what you do, not what you think by Paul Dolan PhD Book Review by Frances Adamson I was attracted to this book because of the tag line- change what you do, not what you think. Nothing gets my goat more than when someone suggests we ‘stay in the present moment’. Why? Because in my […]

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The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma

Here’s a book was written by the consultant to Fortune 500 companies. I have to say, in reading personal development books, I do not look for the ones on how to make a lot of money. And I tend to get irritated when I’m told to put out the incredible effort because it will bring […]

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