Book Review of Everyday Tarot by Frances

Book Review- Everyday Tarot

‘Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Manifest Your Future!’ By Brigit Esselmont

I was frustrated as I thumbed through my old Tarot Card Book- after a lifetime reading the cards, I found some of the interpretations difficult to make sense of.

Book Review about Everyday Tarot by Frances

The Biddy online tarot interpretations appealed to me, but nothing beats a plain old book for handiness, so I got this one in hardcover. I was disappointed at first because the card interpretations in “Everyday Tarot” weren’t in it, but I read it anyway, and I’m glad I did.

Brigid writes her story well, and it perfectly agrees with my thoughts that interpreting the Tarot is an intuitive process. She weaves how she learned that and more into the book, which explains how to do readings for yourself.

As she tells it, the groundwork of Tarot reading is a relationship to imagery, and this is both collective and individual. Tradition expresses a collective interpretation, which we find in books online, often based on the Rider Waite. As an individual, we can tap into our unconscious and explore what the imagery means to us.

In each chapter Brigid includes tools for you to get started and develop your confidence. This includes traditional spreads and her own inventions. All aspects of reading are touched on, like choosing the kinds of questions that you want to ask, and how phrasing them and the intention impact your reading.

Or when to read the cards- everyday, on the full moon, you name it. Included in each chapter are ways to incorporate readings into your daily life and planning for the future. It’s nice that she provides examples of both short and long readings so you can easily get started.

She goes in depth to the main topics we like to ask- romance, work and personal growth. All while helping to empower the reader and build her confidence. This aligns with my values perfectly, and in fact, I was inspired to develop my own interpretations based on my own experience reading Tarot and Spirit Animal cards, which I share every Sunday in my FaceBook group.

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There is no special magic needed to read your own cards. If you are interested there is a reason and so it’s worth exploring. Having an experienced reader is always useful too. Like any relationship, our understanding of the symbols, imagery, and words associated with the Tarot Cards deepens with time.

Just as you may receive satisfaction from playing an instrument and still enjoy going to concerts, learning more about the Tarot can include lessons, group readings, and in-depth personal readings. All while you develop your own relationship and gain independence.

I encourage you to read Everyday Tarot, not just for the information and exercises, but for the very inspirational story behind the Biddy Tarot.

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