The Seven Laws of Superheroes

by:  Deepak Chopra, with Gotham Chopra

This is the Book of The Seven Laws of Superheroes.

This is a fascinating read which explores modern superheroes and their relationship to myth, gods, and the human search for truth and right action. In ‘The Seven Laws of Superheroes’ this father and son team make some really interesting connections and answer this question-

In the age of science, where did all the archetypes go?

Who, what, and where, do we go to for inspiration and ideals to aspire to? 

In the west, our culture is steeped in the stories and beliefs of Christianity, as well as Greek, Roman, and Nordic Gods and mythology. Spirituality has shifted though, from religion to new age philosophy, and the human imagination has replaced or transformed these collective images of what we as humans may aspire to.

Like me, Deepak and Gotham Chopra were digging around for the answer and finding it in superheroes. 

Maybe you have been as fascinated by the modern explosion of superhero movies and T.V. as I have. Gone is the black and white line between good and evil, like that depicted by elves and orcs in ‘The Lord of The Rings’- Elves, the very best that our consciousness can aspire to, loyal, valiant, honorable, beautiful, vs. Orcs, the worst that humans are capable of, greed, gluttony, malice, and destruction.

The modern superhero is a more complex being walking a fine line between the light and the darkness. In other words, Like us humans, superheroes have shadow sides, inhabiting a grey area, their superpowers counterpointing super failings. Like us, they overcome the past, trauma, rejection, and misunderstanding.

Superheroes capture our imaginations. We do not have to ‘believe’ in them at all. Their adventures move and inspire us, and in fact, they serve as an imaginative expression of what humans are capable of when they transcend and channel their power for good purposes.

What Deepak and Gotham deconstruct in this book are the underlying laws that make superheroes good and not evil.

It’s a fine read, but don’t expect it to be easy. The concepts were worth re-reading and it definitely shifted my way of thinking. In other words,  It could easily serve as a guide to higher consciousness for anyone who connects to the modern superheroes that Netflix, Disney, and Hollywood are bringing to life.

Let me add, the internal characteristics are explored in this book. The physical nature of superheroes is clear. Even Po, the flabbiest, clumsiest hero of them all trains tirelessly to harness the ‘force’ of universal consciousness.

Superheroes are most often transformed by mysterious forces or magical intervention. unfortunately we regular humans must take the long road. Therefore, Staying healthy and well gives us the best chance of achieving our personal dharma, or calling. 

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