The Secret Life of Water

“The water flowing within us is part of the water flowing through nature and part of the rhythm of life being played out throughout the universe”

Book Review: The Secret Life of Water by Masuru Emoto

I love it. If you believe, as modern physicists tell us, that matter and energy are the same stuff (see E = MC 2) then you might like to discover what Masuru Emoto is experimenting with.

This book is a description of the techniques used to create ice crystals from water and photograph them. The samples come from water that is, for example, polluted, been prayed for, or come from a pure mountain stream.

The purpose of this is to determine if our thoughts can affect water. Do our thoughts have energy? How could they not? These are profound ideas. Ancient healing practices and modern alternatives and compliments to allopathic medicine make use of the effect thoughts have on our bodies and mind.

This book is simple and clearly outlines the steps he and his associates took to get the photographs. It includes these photos and an explanation of how he chose them to represent each case study.

It is full of thought gems: ” If you have been offended, forgive the offender. And if you feel oppressed for your own offenses against others, forgive yourself. Forgiveness opens up the path for you to naturally and freely flow toward your future.” (Like water)

Some of these observations are very new to me. Consider this, that life is not possible on earth without water, and that we humans are 70% water, and our brains are more like 80% water. Emoto’s remarkable observation: “Human beings are essentially crystals formed upon this earth. and that is why we have the responsibility to protect the earth by protecting our water”.


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