How Two Minutes A Day Changed My Life Forever

When I started doing Yoga, I only practiced for a few minutes a day. Now I regularly practice 30 minutes to an hour every day with ease.

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One of the problems I have, and that I see in my students, is the difficulty of staying with a new habit. We want to make good habits, but we don’t know-how. Most of the time, the goal seems so momentous, we can’t even start. Even if we can get up the initial burst to start something new, we quickly fizzle out. We miss one class, forget to practice, and then just give up.

You might have back pain or a stiff neck for instance. Probably, a physiotherapist or chiropractor has examined you and given you exercises to do. Do you do them? Most people don’t. Why do we fail at this? The pain comes and goes perhaps, you know you should do these exercises regularly to strengthen your spine (or knee or shoulder, etc.) but you don’t unless you are in pain (and then it’s too late, again).

When I started researching habits to try to help my students practice at home (James Clear was the biggest help) I found out that it’s not your motivation or desire, we don’t need a will of steel: all you need to do is commit to doing one yoga sequence once a day for 2 minutes. Our ability to successfully does this is improved by:

• Commit to 2 minutes only
• Do it in the morning
• Link it to another habit like brushing your teeth
• Never miss two days in a row
• Have reminders, like a mat or cushion in your yoga spot

Looking back on my success in building a daily habit, all these things were in place. My teachers had all suggested at least one of them. I had sinus issues, depression, and a lack of clarity in my life, and step by step, with daily practice and the help of my teachers, I manage these problems successfully, and as a result, feel much happier and healthier.

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