Yoga that Meets Your Needs

P1090017One of the best ways to learn yoga is one-on-one with your teacher. It is very cost-effective as well. In a private setting, you receive the full attention of your teacher, and the lesson is designed specifically for you. You learn at your own pace, and your needs want and abilities are taken into account. And when you take private classes at Joy Core Connection, you receive a practice plan to do at home, again, taking into account your needs, as well as the time of day you wish to practice, how much time you set aside for your practice and even the time of year.

You may have a particular goal in mind, fitness, relaxation, stress reduction. Or perhaps recovery from illness or injury. If you are an experienced yogi, you may wish to delve deeper into breathing techniques, philosophy, or chanting. Any and all of the above are possibilities, and you may have other reasons too. The goal is to teach you the tools most useful for you to progress and develop a personal practice.

At Joy Core Connection expect to tell me about yourself, your health, your work, your family, and the special concerns you have. As your yoga teacher, I am interested in all the things that come into play that bring you to me in search of health and happiness and the tools that will help you thrive and develop personally. What works for a mother of small children is likely different than what works for a single professional. Your practice will be unique, and you will receive assistance and guidance in learning it and testing it out to be sure it is just right for you. This practice will then be written out for you in stick figures and includes reminders and special instructions that you will review before practicing at home, leaving out the guesswork so easily practice on your own schedule.

The home practice is very important. Many people have the idea that to practice yoga you have to go to a studio 2 or 3 times a week and do a  class led by an instructor. Instead, you can learn to do yoga at home on your own, practicing several times a week or every day. It may be 5 minutes or an hour, but this time on your own is the essence of yoga. I can help you to learn poses that are most helpful for you at this point in your life and help you to improve and grow in your very own practice.

You have the option to do private lessons once or twice a month, ar attend group lessons and add a private in occasionally. This depends on what works best for you in your schedule, as well as what you prefer. For more information about me click here. To book a class or find out more, please call 289-928-7292, or e-mail me.

Frances Adamson teaches yoga in Oshawa- 279 Central Park Blvd. North

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