The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma

Here’s a book was written by the consultant to Fortune 500 companies. I have to say, in reading personal development books, I do not look for the ones on how to make a lot of money. And I tend to get irritated when I’m told to put out the incredible effort because it will bring me phenomenal success. My mindset is to honor the role I have within my family first, which means super-anything is not on my radar. But is it possible to stay within our comfort zone and achieve big goals?

With this book, I pushed through my irri13045483_10154050568350126_1442639317_ntation at being asked to take aim outside of what I was sure I could accomplish, and I’m glad I did. What he advocates is not to work yourself to death, but to organize yourself to make small steps every day and watch how that will add up over time. I am a big fan of that. I’ve seen the results of doing a yoga practice every day, so I have the experience to back up his advice.

One of the definitions of yoga is step by step. It’s been my favorite one for years. Robin Sharma advocates for creating a routine, but always looking for ways to improve it. He makes a good case for having big goals, even impossible ones, and working steadily towards them. Another yogic goal is to see clearly, and it is one of the ideas he explores. Although I always maintain that regular practice is the way to do that.

How do the ideas figure in the lives of moms and small business owners, gardeners and caretakers? The book is set up as a dialogue between the main character and a few teachers who each give him a lesson. It’s kind of a corny setup, but it’s an easy read. The message clearly is to aspire to greatness in your life, regardless of where you are and let success be the reward- not the goal. We can choose to take a firm stand on our deepest values and morals and be a warrior in our lives, for ourselves and for the ones we love.

Without paraphrasing everything Robin Sharma has to say, let me just tell you about how I have been inspired. Whether reading this just came at the right time or propelled me forward, I have greater confidence in myself and the will to be available to opportunity and success. I can see more clearly how I set up limitations for myself, especially around money, and how to let go of that to aspire for greater prosperity and success. It has affirmed for me the small steps I take each day that has added up to great things and encouraged me to add other small steps and achieve more.

This is a book I will continue to go back to, especially the 4 instant action steps to help one move forward creating habits and improving them. I recommend it if you want straight forward lessons in achieving your dreams.

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