Yoga Detox With Essential Oils

Your body is meant to cleanse itself of toxins, and the very best way to support that is with Yoga: we added Essential oils and mineral salts as an added bonus! In this workshop, we will learn simple movement with breath to help the body deeply relax. Taking time out regularly allows our bodies to function well, and do their job of ridding us of waste and toxins, and taking in nutrients and fuel. Our minds are an important part of this equation, as stress contributes to poor digestive and immune systems, and over-worked nerves and hormones.

Add essential oils to this and we engage the oldest sense, and the one most linked to emotion. Pleasant smells relax and soothe, encouraging positive thoughts and helping to release emotional patterns and build new ones. Take home an essential oil-infused bath salt to finish by detoxing through our largest organ, the skin. REGISTER NOW

Frances Adamson teaches yoga in Durham Region:
279 Central Park Blvd. North
Phone: 289-928-7292
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