How Yoga Helped me to Weight Loss.

Frances is outside practicing Yoga to weight loss.

Stuffed into a tiny change room at the maternity ward hospital and struggling into a nursing bra, I burst into tears. The reality in the mirror was a shock. That baby weight clung to me for years, and what helped me the most was a gradual re-focus on myself and my needs. Here is my story How yoga heals me. Yoga is also for Weight Loss.

I’ve always been into yoga.

A daily practice helps me maintain muscle mass, feel limber, and stay calm. These are important to maintaining steady progress towards my goals. Many people become so busy trying to take care of everyone but themselves, they lose energy or get sick. Having that overall strength in body and soul comes with advantages and a positive attitude, which allows individuals to do what they set out to do and to help others.
Sometimes we even fill the void of a lack of self-care with food or an addiction.

I learned from my mother to save a little bit of my energy for myself.

It’s about priorities. It takes clarity to stay focused on essentials in our busy world. Committing to and devoting time to my other interests keeps me occupy and happy. If I don’t, I will fill that void with something- t.v., snacks, scrolling, or shopping.

Yoga contributes to weight loss.

It is through increased muscle mass, but that is the only direct way. Even the most vigorous forms are no more aerobic than a brisk walk. Aerobic exercise is good for our health, and something light also aids in shedding weight.

Yoga helps by getting to the root of the problem by building your inner awareness and strength.

That way, when you experience thoughts and cravings that sabotage your progress, you can recognize them. Inner strength helps us to act on our ideas and feel fulfilled. That time, getting back to work and committing to a weekly art class was enough to help me slim down.

The difficulty is, our whole being, from our cells to our big brain, love routine. Disrupting the pattern meets resistance because we have become set to crave, to repeat thoughts. Our being sees these patterns as the source of its equilibrium. Naturally, we resist like crazy any change. We are comforted and stabilizing ourselves every day with our habits and addictions.

So comforting and stabilizing through yoga is a big help.

A responsible weight-loss consultant does not promise instant results, and neither does yoga. The good news is the journey of yoga is a gentle, steady, enjoyable routine that has multiple benefits. 

*Loving yourself,
*Slowing down and taking time for oneself
*Strengthening and stretching the body
*Calming the mind
*Building a foundation for conscious transformation

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