more than five senses, learn about balance, pain receptors and body awareness

Exciting New Senses You Didn’t Know About

Here are five more senses for you to consider that most animals have, including humans, and it’s worth exploring what they are and considering the impact they have on our world. 1. Proprioception: allows us to perceive the position and movement of our body. Oliver Sacks, a Neuroscientist and writer tells a story about a […]

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A Yoga Way of Life

This Week’s Top of Mind: Contemplating Aimlessness

As I settled into a staycation last week with the idea of being aimless, I observed that everything started with Easter week-end and it was busy. Loose ends to tie up in business, my famous coffee cake to provide one day, and the whole shebang dinner to produce on the next. Monday came and I […]

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