The Perpetual Search for Happiness- Why it Sometimes Sabotages Your Experience Of Life in The Present

You want to experience happiness in your life, everyone does, yet it’s hard to find and maintain

With anxiety and depression at an all-time high in the western world the search for happiness is a common one. You’re not alone in the struggle to understand how to keep a positive mental perspective with all the challenges of modern life. Today we’ll touch on the subject and over the next month go deeper into understanding the problem and key techniques to make you feel better mentally.

The search for happiness can actually sabotage your peace of mind and health by focusing you on the negative aspects of life. Seeing yourself as stuck and wishing you made other choices will reinforce feelings of lack. Not that you want to remain in bad situations or stop growing in your understanding of what you want for in the future, it’s simply that once we have the basics of life in place happiness becomes internal.

Happiness is not something that exists in the future, it’s a moment-to-moment experience that arises when the right conditions are created in your mind and body.

When you have enough food and a home, friends, and family, it’s time to look for contentment and joy inside and to build on the relationship with yourself. All happiness has its basis in chemical reactions in the body and brain. Furthermore, thoughts and decisions are not made consciously, they occur at least half a second before we think it.

That’s why mindfulness is key and if you’ve tried to achieve it you know how difficult it is. Thankfully, shifting the chemical reactions in your body and influencing the unconscious mind to make better decisions is a matter of training and practice. If you want instant results you won’t be disappointed, with the understanding that continuing in this direction will build a strong foundation of happiness and the effects on your state of mind and health will become deeper in the long-term.

Here are the topics you can expect to see over the next weeks- practical techniques and exercises will also be included so you can begin putting the theory into practice.

  • The chemistry of embracing difficulty and why it works for your body and mind
  • Refine and limit your choices for feeling happy and how to do it right now
  • Start the day with gratitude and finish with your desire for a better life
  • Your life view: seeing things clearly to thrive and grow in the days and years as they happen.

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