What your knee-jerk reaction to the idea of ‘quiet quitting’ means for you today.

Does hearing the words ‘quiet quitting’ make you grit your teeth or smile?

It’s been all over social media these days and there’s clearly two camps- people who light up at the notion of ‘quiet quitting’ and those who’s brows darken. The torch has been lifted to shine on marriage and other relationships too. 

Whether you agree it’s time for less emphasis on working harder and longer to get ahead, or that a rigorous work ethic is the best, says volumes about you.

Most employers are rolling their eyes at the concept, saying they hope the quiet quitters are working for someone else. In this day and age you never hear an athlete or a business executive saying they put out the bare minimum effort to succeed.

On the other hand, it’s commonly heard that no one on their death bed ever said that looking back on their life they wish they’d worked more. 

Researching happiness you’ll learn that there’s two components to building contentment and joyful feelings in your life- purpose and pleasure. Lacking either one is a recipe for dissatisfaction in the here and now.

Chances are, if you react negatively to ‘quiet quitting’ you could stand to bring more pleasure to your life. If you are grinning ear to ear, it’s time to examine the role of purpose you bring to the table.

In yoga the core understanding you search to embody is Sthira-Sukha, stability and ease. You work on striking a balance in each pose and each breath, finding a way for body and mind to be both stable and easy in every moment.

You build your foundation for happiness through practicing yoga- the purpose is health, mental and physical, to build focus and concentration, to be able-bodied in order to perform in work and relationships at your highest potential.

Pleasure comes from the good feeling of challenging yourself and stretching out and letting go of the tensions of the day. Another pleasure is the calm, centred quality you feel both in the moment and thorough your day or week from the poses and breathing exercises.

Whichever response to ‘quiet quitting’ you have, there is no right or wrong. It’s important to look at your reaction to see what it means in your life for both head and heart. When you seek to understand why you think or feel one way you can break out of old patterns that are causing pain and holding you back from whole-hearted enjoyment in life.

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