Your Life Purpose is a Porpoise

Walking at the edge of the lake, my feet tingling in the cold water, I listen to the woosh of each wave, and feel the sun on my face. Time stands still and I feel lighter, happy taking in the sensations. For a time I can forget that I’m confused, feel adrift, and just want […]

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How to support new beliefs and change forever.

Last week I talked about breathing space. We provide ourselves space to just ‘be’, by letting go of mind chatter through the breath, attention and new beliefs. No amount of mental understanding got me to where I am today. It helped somewhat, but it never got me to the true knowing that who I am […]

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Grandma Simply Happy

Happiness depends on you

What makes us happy? Have you ever set your heart on something happening in your life, only to find it doesn’t fulfill you? Is happiness depends on you? Success, fame, and love: these are the sorts of things we often strive for, thinking that when we achieve them, we will feel happy. We have ideas, […]

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Girl creatively paint on the grass

3 Simple Ways to Release Creativity Blocked

Have you found yourself creativity blocked? It doesn’t matter if it’s a hobby you love or part of your work. The trouble is, we can’t turn creativity on and off at will. Here are 3 simple ways to get started. I recommend you build these activities into your week, and you will get immediate results […]

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Self-care for a Joyful, less stressful Life

Probably you are experiencing a lot of stress these days. How could you not? Between a global pandemic and the economy crashing, our finances are affected, our work and social life too, and the worst is a lack of certainty about everything. How to work in a less stressful life? It’s different for each of […]

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Embrace Your Improve Creativity

It Makes Your Soul Sing! I looked down at murky water swirling below, the cold stone of the bridge against my belly-  I wondered why my heart was so sad. I was sixteen and my life was a mess. No one understood or saw who I was, and I didn’t either. I didn’t seriously consider leaping off, […]

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Are Your Dreams Wild?

How have you been sleeping these days? In times of stress, I have a hard time sleeping. It doesn’t matter if it’s happy exciting or letting fear and doubt get the better of me. My body gets so tired, I toss and turn, have wild dreams, and wake up in the early hours, sound familiar? […]

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Do We Need to Accept Everything?

A long time ago one of my yoga teachers told me, “everything in existence is as it should be”. Do We Need to Accept Everything? And lately, I’ve been seeing this quote everywhere- “Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a field. I will meet you there.” Rumi As a young adult hearing these ideas, […]

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What’s Your Core Belief?

Are we all alone- or are we all in this together? Imagine my surprise, when my friend Joan told me with complete certainty that we can only really rely on ourselves, that we are alone. I instantly countered,  “Oh no, we are all in this together!” What do you think, was I right? I’ve been […]

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One Step To Letting Stress Go!

Our bodies tell us when are we stressed out. Taking care of the problem is very easy. If you want your body to get the rest and relaxation it needs to heal, then one small action every day is all it takes to make a transformation. The result is releasing pain so you can live […]

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