Your Life Purpose is a Porpoise


Walking at the edge of the lake, my feet tingling in the cold water, I listen to the woosh of each wave, and feel the sun on my face. Time stands still and I feel lighter, happy taking in the sensations. For a time I can forget that I’m confused, feel adrift, and just want the answer to my life purpose!

You are not alone if you struggle to understand what you want, who you are, and what you are meant to be doing.

How is it that we are artists and healers, yet the world demands that we either work for the pay ignoring our dreams, passions, and ideas or struggle to survive?

Here’s the thing. We get so many messages about what is and isn’t possible to do. It causes confusion because living life as a social being makes you want to please other people.

Inside though, we know there’s something different. Something we want, a sense that we are created for wonderful things. I believe this is true, and that there is a way out. But the way may surprise you.

Our life purpose does not remain the same throughout life. It’s changeable. It also balances between serving a collective purpose and satisfying our personal needs.

That’s why I say our life purpose is porpoise!

It’s playful, moves around, and is part of the larger pod’s purpose.

As a child, our life purpose is to learn. Unfortunately, learning about ourselves is so neglected at this stage. I remember for myself, being encouraged in many ways, At a certain point though, if we want to be an artist, we get the message that we must be more practical and pursue something that will provide a stable job.

It can be confusing!

The young adult stage is where we lose track, because of the demands of society and the fear of not succeeding. Our purpose at this stage is to clarify what we want and learn some more, but this doesn’t usually happen. Instead, we’re confused about how we fit in and wondering if we don’t.

The next phase is being a householder. We find a home, settle down. If we have children, then our purpose clarified- we must raise these kids and take care of them. It’s a very satisfying process for most people.

Also, a time when we are focused outside ourselves more than ever. Our job’s purpose is to clothe and shelter ourselves and our family, which may make it

Feel more fulfilling.

On the other hand, if we’re not happy in our job, or established, it can be a time that starts to pull us apart. If we can’t relax into our work, because it has low pay or low satisfaction, stress begins to build and we may develop habits that numb the pain, from alcohol to emotional outbursts.

At some point being a householder purpose is not so compelling. We may start to feel unhappy, overwhelm, pulled in many directions. An empty nest may trigger attempts to escape, either again through addictions or outbursts of senseless energy.

Then there’s retirement. Everything depends on how we meet it- with enthusiasm or fear. At any time through all these phases we may be unhappy. The solution is not often what we think it is.

That’s because we’ve been taught to focus outside of ourselves for happiness. We love our job or hate it, our spouse or children or friends give us happiness or aggravation.

The truth is, whatever we do, whatever happens, we can be aligned with purpose.

The one thing we crave beyond all other things is not money or happiness, it’s belonging. So your best bet is to keep on going, making tweaks- don’t quit your job, get a divorce, or move. Above all find out for yourself who you are.

Focus on feeling like you belong, that you’re worthy, that you matter and by golly, people like you! Somewhere along the way, we were taught that these feelings are given to us only if we deserve them. Nope, you were born belonging, you have a fundamental right to be exactly who you are.

If you’re an artist or a healer, your creative gift will flow from that stability and ease.

I nourish this foundation through art, enjoying nature, and yoga. Take the time to nurture your connection to the totality of existence, to God, or Source, or Cosmic Intelligence, whatever you name it.

Let the rest get taken care of by this Force!
Join me in this exploration of happiness and belonging!

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