Why Creativity and Fun are Important NOW more than Ever?

Woman is Practicing her creativity while having fun.

The day is grey and windy but I hurry across the street, large coffee in one hand and pulling a small suitcase with the other. Filled with excitement and anticipation, I’m going to Art class! Finding this art class saved my sanity. This is the reason why I say Creativity and Fun are Important for the future

I’d been a year in the neighborhood for a year and as a single mom with young kids, it was a lonely, stressful time. Life was struggling to keep my head over water and care for my two boys, one in full-on rebellion at age 6, and the other a handful at 3. 

3 hours of creativity and fun with like-minded friends!

I didn’t know it at the time, but the class and the projects I took home with me were combatting the effects of low-level stress and depression. Here’s how:

  • Focusing on an enjoyable activity produced feel-good hormones and took my mind off problems and anxiety 
  • Social time with other artists of like mind helped me feel I belonged, boosting self-esteem
  • Creating positive experiences produced lasting benefits: Build new and good memories
  • Leaving less time and space to dwell on past pain.

It’s too bad that over time this favorite activity went to the back burner again! Although I’ve always loved making art, it’s easy to neglect. Over time I keep re-learning that part of my essential self-care is hands-on art play. I create in all kinds of ways in my life but becoming absorbed in creating art takes me to a place that is deeply nourishing like nothing else. 

Our lives are busy and we can lose track of what we are here to do.

That’s why I’ve learned to examine my life and decide what is essential. Having kids, hammered home to me the truth that to help them. I had to be stable. My artist self grounds me and benefits me in other ways too.

Being with other artists is refreshing and enriching. Friendships are just as important to a healthy life as a good diet. Making connections is not easy, but there’s nothing like creativity to loosen us up and spark laughter and fun.

We are all under the low-level stress that COVID 19 is causing- there’s uncertainty because of a lack of experience with the situation. Frustrated that life is topsy-turvy, we need more than ever to encourage our creativity and have fun! 

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