The Secret Rule on How to Start a New Habit

The-Secret-Rule-to-Start-Your-New- Best-Habit-Effortlessly

I’m charging up the hill, sweat pouring into my eyes, my legs like two-ton weights. My brow is furrowed with the pain of my first time jogging.
I had imagined gliding along with like a running horse. Instead, I was thinking about giving up in the first five minutes! How to start a new habit effortlessly?

You’re not alone if this has happened to you too! We all do it sometime, start with the highest intentions, and then bail. This becomes the number one reason we stop trying- past failure.

We weren’t always that way.

Have you ever watched a baby learn to crawl? They don’t give up, and neither did we- I assume you can even walk now!

Something happened to our attitude. A focus on failure, neglecting to acknowledge wins. We lose belief in that innate ability to keep trying until we succeed.

By doing that, we miss out on making important changes that impact our freedom and well-being.

The number one problem I deal with as a yoga therapist is a pain and mobility, either physical or emotional. If you’re here on my page, you likely want to feel better in your body, mind, or both. The pain is very real and it stops you from enjoying life. You lose the freedom to do what you want, whether it’s from anxiety or a bad back.

You’re losing either money or time, or both if you don’t do something about it. Because when we are in pain we don’t work at our best level. A strong healthy body and mind are our true wealth, and a steady routine of small steps makes change effortless.

When my fitness coach said to stop agonizing and take my run down to a 50% effort, it changed everything! I let go and enjoyed it! When I need an extra boost, I pretend I’m a horse, it never fails to release the tension!

What gives you the most pain?

How would your life be if you made that one change- take a moment right now to think about it. What activities would you do if you were more mobile or had more energy? How would it feel to be happy and healthy?

Would you enjoy nature more, express yourself artistically, or play? Close your eyes for a moment and imagine it.
Now ask yourself- am I willing to do 10 minutes a day with 50% effort to get there?

That’s the simple secret of how to start a new habit! Small easy steps you can commit to and enjoy.

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Frances Adamson is a certified Yoga Therapist, and an art and intuition coach in Durham Area Ontario.

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