How to Breathe Mindfully in Practicing Yoga

The most basic way in Practicing Yoga is simply to focus your attention on your breath, the inhale and exhale. You can do this while standing, but ideally, you’ll be sitting or even lying in a comfortable position.

Your eyes may be open or closed, but you may find it easier to maintain your focus if you close your eyes. It can help to set aside a designated time for this exercise.

I offered Yoga Therapy Services.

It includes tailored personalize easy lessons suitable for you if you are either a beginner in practicing yoga or just want to learn more about a more mindful way of breathing in your practice.

Follow along with me and my students as we work on a simple flow to warm up, downward dog, and an easy, safe backbend.

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Practicing Yoga is a great laboratory for becoming more mindful because it’s rife with conditions that are beyond your control.

On any given day the traffic noise might be uncomfortably loud, you may feel bored or restless, your neighbor’s sweat might drip on your mat, your hamstrings may feel tight. Armed with mindfulness techniques, you can reframe these conditions so that you get more out of your yoga class and feel less reactive about things that you usually find irritating and distracting.



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