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Full body Yoga Stretch

Find your Om At Home

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Chances are...


Lack of Movement​

You’re struggling to get up in the morning because of stiffness or pain​


Lack of Mobility​

It stops you from doing the things you used to love, or you do them anyway and pay a price.​



You’re discouraged, maybe even depressed because you feel like your body is betraying you

Yoga routines online works with your whole being from where you are.


What does that mean?

First of all, we can work with your body! I’m trained to help you get the benefits of yoga, not how to do it ‘right’. Secondly, our own beliefs about our bodies are SOOO important, you don’t want to leave that out of the picture. And finally, what if you felt happy and peaceful while you were working on your goal of having more mobility and less pain? If you boil it right down, isn’t that what we all want whatever the problem is- to feel better?

yoga practice in Oshawa, Ontario
"I believe that it isn’t just the physical poses that work, it’s the mindset. The belief that I had healed before and I would heal again- using the deeply therapeutic effects of the breathing and meditative aspects of Yoga Therapy.
Frances is the owner of Joy Core Connection.
Frances Adamson
Joy Core Coach



That’s why I’m offering this yoga routines online program
‘Full Body Yoga Stretch’

It’s a step by step method designed to: 

  • Improve flexibility and strength 
  • Calm the mind and teach self-observation, easing anxiety and worry
  • Build your confidence to apply the lessons daily 
  • Learn how your body and mind are working together to either support your health or cause discomfort

This online course includes:

  • 1 ½  hour classes for 4 weeks
  • Link to recording of classes each week
  •  A cheatsheet to practice at home
  • Coaching element- how to shift your mindset to support your progress

All levels and abilities are welcome

Full-Body Yoga Stretch offered Four-sessions for $85.

Full Body Yoga Stretch

3rd of Sept.10:00 AM
10th of Sept.10:00 AM
17th of Sept.10:00 AM
24th of Sept.10:00 AM
1st of Oct.10:00 AM
8th of Oct.10:00 AM
22nd of Oct.10:00 AM
29th of Oct.10:00 AM
5th of Nov.10:00 AM
12th of Nov.10:00 AM
19th of Nov.10:00 AM
26th of Nov.10:00 AM

Contact Frances for a FREE 45-minute consultation to see if the program is a fit for you.

Your investment in this program will help you gain the mobility you want to enjoy life all for the low price of $85 (4 sessions).