A Grateful Heart, A Healthy Mind: The Power Of Giving

Did you know there’s a new and improved way to practice gratitude that can transform your life? Neuroscience has shown that telling stories about people who gratefully receive from you or others has a profound impact on your nervous system, even more than being grateful for yourself.

Take my mother-in-law as an example. Despite her outspoken nature and health challenges, she radiated optimism and joy. Why? Because she was a constant giver. She volunteered, helped with meals on wheels, and created gift baskets for those in need, receiving gratitude from all she served.

The old saying, “It’s better to give than to receive,” has been validated by science.

We’ve evolved as storytelling creatures, and our brains are wired to absorb stories. When you hear a story of someone being grateful to you or others, it impacts your nervous system deeply.

As well, Humans have always relied on each other for survival, leading to strong emotional responses when we help someone.

So, how can you improve your mental health and satisfaction daily with this new method? It only takes a few minutes.

Here’s the simple practice:

Choose a story of someone genuinely grateful to you or someone else for help they received. Write it in detail, emphasizing how their gratitude touches your heart.

Break the story into bullet points with key details to bring the people and their feelings to mind quickly.

Set a regular time to revisit the story and focus on how witnessing or receiving gratitude makes you feel. You can do this practice just three times a week, but daily is even better. This is the secret to a more fulfilling life. While receiving love and kindness warms your heart, appreciating the impact of your giving changes your brain most effectively