Steadiness and ease in your practice

My teacher gave me this as a mantra- sthira–sukham asanam. It means steadiness and ease in your practice. It was given to me for two reasons- One, I have a problem with my feet- plantar fasciitis. And, two, I have difficulty with my son. He’s 15. Enough said. My feet are hypermobile, so they turn […]

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Stone Soup

You know this story, don’t you? A hungry traveler entertains a village woman by showing her how to make soup from a stone. She and the interested villagers supply him with a pot, water, and all the makings of a fine soup. They all feast afterward, and the traveler makes a present to the woman […]

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How we used our creativity to heal

A long time ago there was a people who lived on the land in joy When they opened their eyes in the morning and looked on their loved ones they felt joy. Emerging from their homes in the morning they saw the rosy shadows of dawn and were glad. Most times, the land offered a […]

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Why I decided not to do what they said

I was so unhappy and unsatisfied with my life, and it was so obvious, a couple of friends took me aside one day and said, look, we think you are depressed. And this was their advice: Don’t quit your job, don’t get divorced and don’t move out of the country. Go to your doctor, and get some […]

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Fall Schedule and Offers

Group Classes Wednesdays 6 pm and 7:30 pm Thursdays 10 am and 1 pm Receive a $25 discount when you comment on on this new web-site Bring a friend new to our studio and receive $25 each as a thank you Is it time to take a break and do something for yourself? Enjoy one […]

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How to De-Stress Now

There’s a lot of information about stress out there- pick up any lifestyle magazine and you’ll get the ‘Top 10 things how to de-stress now’, or ’30 days to a stress-free life’. There’s some pretty good info there, but you have to ask yourself if it’s so easy, why is the media still telling us […]

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