Let It Start Within You

What is an Affirmation?

1. Affirmations are verbal or written statements, using the present tense, as if it were already true, even if you don’t think it is. Example: – “my body is strong and my mind is clear”. When you say them, it should feel powerful and exciting.  

When an affirmation is supported by yoga, it’s like a seed planted in fertile ground. Every effort we make, no matter how small, even taking time to pause and breathe supports physical strength and a clear mind.  

Take a moment to consider what you need and want in the next few weeks to supports your journey: It could be balance, strength, routine, or habits. Create your own affirmation that fits it. For instance, I would like more emotional balance and calm- “I am stable and calm in my heart and mind”. 

What are you working on and why? Now write your own affirmation to support your progress- if you are willing, share it in the comments. 🙂

It can be powerful.

2. Affirmations work on our inner world. We cannot alter the outer reality by using them, but we can alter the inner reality. For instance, if we were to use the affirmation “I am a money magnet’, we would not physically cause more money to appear in our bank. Instead, we call attention to receiving money. 

There was a time I used to say, “I never earn money’. Starting a business often involves spending more money than we earn, sometimes for years. But the truth was, I failed to notice and appreciate when I did bring money in, and the progress I made. 

It was important to see this thought appearing in my mind, recognize it as false, and take note of all the ways money comes to me, and how supported I am in the world. I repeat this process often, and it removes the feeling that I am unable to receive


A powerful affirmation is
‘I receive and appreciate all that is being given to me now”

Start with small steps

3. Affirmations heighten our awareness by calling attention to the state of being we want. We may read an affirmation that connects with us, or we may create our own. Either way, we are digging into what we want, we are setting our intention high and in alignment with an inner compass. 

Now that choosing or creating an affirmation has made you aware and focused on a deep desire, you align your thoughts and actions on that goal. The more we shift our inner awareness from what we lack to seeing and feeling our wants fulfilled, the more we take real-time action to support that belief. 

For we may be focused on a health problem, for instance, sciatica, and it’s difficult to do the activities you used to enjoy. By creating an affirmation like: ‘I take small but powerful steps everyday to build my strength and mobility” you support taking that action. 

Now, every time you take a small step you are succeeding- aligning your desire, intent and action to get you where you want. Measure your progress by each and every success to empower and encourage yourself. And share your progress with people you can trust, who truly support you. 

Look within your core

4. Create your own affirmation and stick to it. Whether you adopt a great affirmation or write your own, try to dig deep and look for the most powerful statements that inspire you. Remember to stay positive and in the present tense.  

Let’s say you dial it down to ‘I am connected to the source of all creativity and this energy flows through me. 

Inside, there’s a little voice 
saying, ‘no I’m not, I’m alone and weak, and useless.’ 

It’s important to address this. Tweak your affirmation, try ‘ I am connected to the source 
of all creativity, this energy flows through me strengthening my bonds with my friends and family and my purpose. 

It may be a mouthful, but as you practice by either writing it down or saying it out loud, you will start to drop out the unimportant bits. Soon it will be “The source of creativity flows through me strengthening my purpose and my relationships.  

Always work with an affirmation until you feel its effects. Repetition has power, 
stick with a mantra for day’s weeks, and even months. Allow it to evolve, become clearer, or more succinct.  

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